How to Calm a Room Full of Naughty Boys

Back in 2009, I worked on the cover and illustrations for a book called The Fairytale Quest by Allie Anders.

It’s a children’s book about a girl called Toni who is tricked by Rumpelstiltskin into swapping her baby brother for a unicorn. To try to get the baby back, Toni has to go with the unicorn to Fairyland, where all sorts of obstacles and dangers await. And, as the unicorn warns her, if she and Brian are still in Fairyland after sunset, they will have to stay there forever.

Now, my wife, who is a teacher in an S.E.B.D. (Social and Emotional Behaviourally Disturbed) unit, which basically means she has a class full of tomorrow’s Dodgy Geezers. But at the moment they’re just very naughty boys. Anyway, she read The Fairytale Quest to her class (ages range from six to eleven) and they loved it. It held their attention and had them pestering my wife for the next instalment.

So, if it can do that to a class full of unruly, naughty boys, you can bet children everywhere, naughty or not, will enjoy the book too. And it is now available on the Kindle for only £1.97/$2.99.


About Patrick Fox

I am an author and Graphic Artist. I'm also a keen amateur detective, and can often be found searching for clues in pubs and bars.

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